For the sailing catamaran: Hokahey

Directions to Hokahey @ Marina Bay Yacht Harbor in Richmond

Marina Bay Yacht Harbor – Marina Park Parking Lot

1290 Melville Square, Richmond, CA, 94804 

Set your GPS for 1290 Melville Square. 

"Contact" page has a google map for reference.

Park in the large “Marina Park” parking lot See map below.  

The Richmond BART station is about 2 miles away.


When you have arrived.  Call me: 925 303 3747 and I’ll let you in the locked gate. 

There are also conventional bathrooms near the gate that you can use (I have the key to let you in).

Extra bonus! 

If you’d like to arrive early, or stay late, you are welcome to use the kayak that I have near the boat.  Just let me know. 


Prices range from $500 to $2,000/day.

The range reflects length of time desired, destination, and weekend or weekday options.   

Overnight trips may also be arranged.  

Coast Guard regulations allow for up to six paying passengers on this vessel.


The boat has a large main cabin – for those who wish to stay warm and dry.

It is a catamaran, so it doesn’t heel over to one side, (for those less keen on high adventure).  For those who enjoy more adventure, there are places to sit on the cabin top and the bow (so you can be closer to the elements).  

The boat has a bathroom (head).



The boat has everything in the way of kitchen (galley) supplies: plates, silverware, cups, napkins, basic spices, water, sparkling water, soda, tea, hot chocolate, etc.  



Please bring layers so that you can cool down or warm up.  Bring a water resistant jacket if you like riding up on the bow.  There is sun block on board

1290 Melville Square, Richmond, CA, 94804

925 303-3747